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          OF Series

          Front Maintenance LED Display

          front maintenance led display
          OF6.67 | OF8 | OF10
          • Front maintenance
          • Die casting shell & lock
          • Light weight & super thin
          • Clean and clear on backside
          • High protection IP67


          OF Series OF6.67 OF8 OF10
          Pixel Pitch(mm) 6.67 8 10
          Pixel Matrix Per Sq.m 22477 15625 10000
          Pixel Configuration SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD2727
          Brightness (nits) 6500 6800 7500
          Scan 1/6 1/5 1/2
          Module Dimension 320x320mm / 1.05x1.05ft 320x320mm / 1.05x1.05ft 320x320mm / 1.05x1.05ft
          Cabinet Dimension 960x960mm / 3.15x3.15ft 960x960mm / 3.15x3.15ft 960x960mm / 3.15x3.15ft
          Cabinet Resolution 144x144 120x120 96x96
          Cabinet Weight 37kg / 81Ib ( Iron) 36kg / 79Ib (Iron) 35kg( Iron)
          Power Con. (Max / Avg) 800 / 170 w/sq.m 780 / 160 w/sq.m 750 / 150 w/sq.m
          Service Access Front
          Refresh Rate (HZ) ≥1920
          Grey Scale (bit) 16
          Viewing Angle (H/V) 140 / 140
          IP Rate IP67
          Input Voltage (AC) 110V / 240V
          led cabinet detailes

          Aluminum base cover

          Compared to an aluminum base cover, normal plastic base cover do not have fully painting perfect protection. There is no equisite craft polishing of the plastic base cover in the manufacturing process.Plastic base cover is without waterproof rubber ring only with cabinet can achieve waterproof perfect effect.Aluminum base cover module is equipped with waterproof rubber ring,perfect waterproof effort can be achieved even without cabinet.
          Aluminum base cover

          Die Casting Module

          All Die casting, die casting modules make less tolerance, die casting shell make better cooling, die casting lock make longer durability.
          Front Maintenance

          Full Front Maintenance

          All of the accessories including the module,power supply,receiving card,cable can be taken in front & rear side.
          Front Maintenance

          High Protection

          For aluminum material design with high temperature resistant,anti-corrosion without waterproof. It is insulation aging,can avoid any hidden danger of the leak lighter and overloading.
          High Protection

          High Image

          High refresh will perfectly display the dynamic images.
          HD image

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